5 Reasons to Drug Test all New Hires

When bringing a new employee on board, the option to give them a drug test to test for the use of illegal substances is one that you can make. Some employers opt out of using a drug testing system, but more and more are choosing to test anyone they add to their team. There are numerous benefits that you get when testing all new hires for drugs. Perhaps it is a beneficial decision for your company to start using a drug testing system. Read below to learn five reasons to drug test your new hires.

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1.    Drug use in the workplace is nothing that you want to allow happen or to get started. What would the community think of your business if everyone was on drugs? While the employee may or may not bring drugs to work, is this a risk that you want to take?

2.    Peace of mind and confidence fill your mind as well as that of employees already on the job When you know that you have a drug-free work environment, it is easy to smile.

3.    There’s also a risk this employee will not be on the job on time, may call out of work, and may be unable to perform the tasks of the job satisfactorily. Far too many risks come if there are people using drugs on the payroll but you know only when drug testing chattanooga tn is used.

4.    Drug testing is inexpensive and it actually saves a business money in long-term benefits. You can compare options to learn how inexpensive it is to drug test the new hires.

5.    You’ll discourage drug use when drug testing is a part of the hiring process. When employees know they may get tested later in their employment, they are less likely to participate in the activities.